E-Life TVM-2000 Outdoor Ticket Vending Machine

E-Life Kiosk TVM-2000 has developed to provide a self-service operation in Public Transportation Systems for Ticket/Card Sales and Card Top-Up transactions. TVM-2000 is a full functioning stationery model of E-Life Kiosk TVM Series which can provide enhanced features on a durable and reliable design.

  • Pure, Stylish and Functional Design
  • 15″ TFT LCD Sunlight Readable Display with 1,000 cd/m² brightness
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Screen and 6mm tempered protection glass
  • Vertical display positioning to provide a user interface like mobile phones
  • Full industrial rugged PC module
  • Single or Multi Escrow banknote acceptor and bill recycler options
  • Coin acceptor and recycler options with electronically controlled shutter at coin entry
  • Coins dispense with the safe supplemental hopper
  • Card reader and card dispenser options
  • Industrial UPS module
  • 3G router and wireless communication infrastructure
  • IP Based Remote Control Card with web based enhanced management features
  • Maximum Protection against the outer factors by the courtesy of durable metal cabinet and anti-vandal lock system
  • Cabinet design which can easily get adapted to the corporate identity

A Full Functioning Outdoor TVM Solution with
Enhanced Features

During the product development stage of E-Life Kiosk TVM-2000, following main design concepts are considered priory. .


15″ TFT LCD Sunlight Readable Display with 1,000 cd/m² brightness

3G router and wireless communication infrastructure

Durable metal cabinet and anti-vandal lock system

High Durability with High Security

TVM-2000 is coming into prominence with the specifications in its design, especially durability against outdoor conditions and stability with strong cabinet structure which having anti-vandal lock system and hidden hinges as well as high quality components. Its robust metal chassis and 2-Layer stainless steel strengthened front door was designed to be resist against vandalism and other outdoor conditions. Industrial grade components used in design are dramatically reducing requirement of cooling fans. Thus, a closed-loop cooling system which was not intake air from outside of chassis can be used and it eliminates dust will be a problem for the components inside TVM-2000. By this way, the system stability has been increased by isolating the cabinet from outside.


Enhanced Functions for Non-Stop Service

E-Life Kiosk TVM-2000 is a full function TVM solution which has been designed to provide high-capacity Card and Ticket dispense especially for public transportation applications. TVM-2000 can dispense 2 different type of card and single use tickets or smart tokens and these functions can be easily mixed by the request of customer. TVM-2000 can support bill and coin recycling options with multi-escrow functions which is reducing the frequency of CIT visits for money collection or coin supplement. Thus, it can reduce the operational cost remarkably. TVM-2000 has two-layer stainless steel strengthened front door with high security locking system which ensure high durability against vandalism.

High Quality

All the components used in this model are supplied by World’s leading manufacturers and designed to be used especially on the payment terminals and outdoor kiosks. By this way, TVM-2000 takes the non-stop operation under guarantee and it requires minimum maintenance and service. All the critical components used in this product are provided directly in scope of the distribution agreements or direct accounts from manufacturer. By the courtesy of this, the product quality and system compatibility are provided at maximum level as well as creating cost advantage.